UNDP. Strengthening social ties: development of creative industries discussed in Kazakhstan.

In Astana, the Ministry of Culture and Information, together with the UNDP in Kazakhstan, held a round table, the main topic of which was the development of creative industries in the country.
The event brought together representatives of the public and private sectors, international organizations, the diplomatic corps and experts. The participants of the round table discussed the dynamics of the development of creative industries in the region and studied the recommendations of the UNDP on the development of the sector based on local needs and potential. Also, the Chairman of the national Agency for the development of innovations, Sanat Akhanov, spoke about the opportunities for the development of the creative industry and shared his cases.
MCI, UNDP, and other stakeholders confirmed their intention to continue joint efforts to stimulate the development of the sphere. Special attention will be paid to the development of the sphere in the regions, especially in the regions of Abai, Ulytau, Zhetisu and Kyzylorda region.