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Technology platforms

Technology platforms (TP) have proven their effectiveness in the world practice as a tool for creating a competitive and high-tech economy.

According to the approach of the European Commission, TP is an Association of representatives of the state, business, science and education around a common vision of scientific and technological development and common approaches to the development of relevant technologies. The TP formed the scientific and technical priorities for the implementation of the EU Framework programs focused on the development of science, innovation and technology (from 2021 the program focuses on innovation and technologies, support SMEs and entrepreneurship).

The Republic of Kazakhstan has formed a vision and launched the implementation of TP in the following priority areas:

  • GovTech – transformation of the functions of the state as an infrastructure that provides services to the population and business, through the development of the digital ecosystem and human capital
  • Industry 4.0 – digitalization of a critical mass of enterprises – market drivers with the involvement of state support measures
  • SpaceTech – creation of a medium-resolution remote sensing cluster, SpaceTech’s contribution to the development of “Earth” technologies
  • GeoTech – creation of the national spatial data infrastructure of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Smart City – dissemination of best practices and exchange of experience in the implementation of integrated digital solutions in the cities of Kazakhstan based on the established reference standard for Smart City
  • E-Industry – creating legal and institutional conditions for supporting domestic electronic industry enterprises in order to ensure import substitution and export development
  • FinTech – development of the financial technology center in the region based on the AIFC
  • GreenTech – development of an effective system of commercialization of “green” technologies, focused on market demand in order to accelerate the transition to a “green” economy
  • Artificial Intelligence – providing data storage, management, and Analytics infrastructure with artificial intelligence elements
  • AgriTech – intensive development of the agricultural sector using digital technologies

Technology platforms

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