АО "Национальное агентство по развитию инноваций "QazInnovations"

Grant Funding Council– a body created based on the experience of the World Bank and operating under the “National Agency for the development of Innovations “QazInnovations” JSC to finance and support innovative projects.

The creation of the council is a new practice in the selection procedure; previously, a temporary commission, consisting of civil servants, representatives of public organizations, and some experts, acted during the selection.

The newly created Council consists of market experts with experience in investing in innovative projects and industry experts with many years of experience in the commercialization of high technology projects.

It will operate continuously to evaluate the performance and mentor grantees and protect their interests.

The Board covers 8 of the 10 priority technologies and therefore has independent experts in all areas for technical advice.

Kurmangazy Omarov

Director of the Project Directorate – Science Foundation of the CS MES RK

He has 13 years of experience in the commercialization of science. For the first time, he introduced to Kazakhstan a system of competitive grants for the introduction of new technologies within the framework of the project of the World Bank and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Member of the Alliance of Technology Commercialization Professionals.

Alexander Doroshenko 

Founder of the Waste Valley project. Expert in the field of information and communication technologies, including new financial technologies. President of the Information Technology Development Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Anuar Seifullin 

He has more than 8 years of experience in working with investments in the framework of acceleration programs. Co-founder of QazAngels business angels club. Advised more than 40 technology companies.

Igor Pir

He has 20 years of experience in this industry, in leadership positions. He has over 7 years of investment experience. Member of the Board of the Israel Entrepreneurs Association. Implemented programs to nurture projects in Ukraine and Azerbaijan.

Anel Shakenova

He has experience in launching his own projects and investing in IT projects. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the subsidiary of the Development Bank of Kazakhstan “DBK Leasing” and a member of the Association of Independent Directors “Kazakhstan National Directors Association”.

Sergey Makarov

He has 25 years of experience in project management, running his own businesses, and working in large manufacturing companies. Since 2004, he has been involved in the technology commercialization of more than 40 projects and invested in more than 20 start-ups.

Erbolat Orazbekuly 

He has extensive experience in commercialization and participation in the launch of more than 10 projects. Experienced in strategic planning, Lean Six Sigma (Lean manufacturing), production development and

efficiency, in process optimization

Viktor Pokusov 

Chairman of the Association of Legal Entities “Kazakhstan Information Security Association”, member of the NSC in the direction of “Information, telecommunications and space technologies”. Has vast experience in technology commercialization

Ruslan Sameteev 

He has 8 years of experience in this industry. Participation in the launch of services Komek-103: Automated information system for an ambulance station, Komek-112: System for a unified emergency dispatcher service.

Pay attention!

– The applicant is not entitled to conduct oral, written, or telephone conversations with members of the Grant Funding Council (hereinafter referred to as the Council) and contact them in other ways regarding the proposed project for an innovative grant. This action of the applicant will be regarded as an attempt to influence the decision of the Council to provide an innovation grant. The confirmed fact of such an action by the applicant will lead to the withdrawal from consideration of the project and its inclusion in the register of unscrupulous participants, posted on the website of the “National Agency for the development of Innovations “QazInnovations” JSC.

– It is allowed to involve a member of the Council as an investor in the declared project. In this case, the Council member must immediately notify NARI JSC of the conflict of interest that has arisen and withdraw from participating in the consideration of the application, conducting an examination of the draft application, and making decisions on granting or refusing to provide an innovative grant, for which a conflict of interest has arisen.

– In all other cases, Council members are required to inform the Authorized Body and “National Agency for the development of Innovations “QazInnovations” JSC in writing about any situation of actual or potential conflict of interest that affects its ability to act in the interests of the Authorized Body and the Company and withdraw from further participation in the consideration of the application for which a conflict of interest has arisen.

For the purposes of transparent and fair competition, we remind you that the “National Agency for the development of Innovations “QazInnovations” JSC systematically and constantly conducts clarifications in open areas. Also, based on the results of the pilot competition, it is planned to hold a meeting with members of the Council to receive general feedback from the applicants.

REGULATIONS ON THE COUNCIL FOR GRANT FINANCING UNDER "National Agency for the development of Innovations "QazInnovations" JSC.

Publication date                                            15.06.2022