АО "Национальное агентство по развитию инноваций "QazInnovations"

Note to applicants:

By Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 23, 2019 No. 959, the Center for Engineering and Technology Transfer joint-stock company was determined as the National Institute for Technological Development.

The authorized body in the field of state support of innovation activity – the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan, “Center for Engineering and Technology Transfer” JSC was determined as the Operator for the provision of innovation grants.

Subsequently “Center for Engineering and Technology Transfer” JSC was renamed into “National Agency for the development of Innovations “QazInnovations” JSC.

Provision of innovative grants for the technological development of existing enterprises in the priority area "Information and Communication Technologies"

Grant amount and implementation timeline

No more than 100 million tenge, the maximum implementation period is 36 months


– for a license agreement at least 30%

– for the purchase of equipment at least 50%


Requirements for applicants

1) Be a manufacturing organization

2) Carrying out commercial activities in the declared industry for at least 3 years

2) Availability of engineering and technical personnel with the required level of qualification

3) The total annual income of the applicant for the last 3 years is not less than the full cost of the project

For the implementation of ICT solutions:

4) finding ICT solutions in the Register of trusted software or the presence of an industrial certificate of NCE “Atameken”

What costs are covered

1) purchase of software or a license for the right to use

2) purchase of components for software implementation

3) for software customization services

4) for services for the implementation of software at the applicant’s enterprise

5) for the training of the applicant’s personnel

6) for software rental services based on the SaaS model

What documents are needed

APPLICATION includes the following documents:

1) A copy of the document confirming the intention of the parties to transfer technology

2) Business plan

3) Financial statements for the last 3 years

4) Documents confirming the availability of funds

5) Information about the absence (presence) of debt

6) List of affiliates

7) Commercial offers

8) financial model for the last 12 months

9) financial model for 5 years, taking into account sales forecasts

10) Copy of the charter


What are the next steps after submitting

After registration, applications are sent for examination.


  • Technological expertise – carried out in order to establish advantages over analogs, technical feasibility, and technological feasibility of the project.
  • Financial and economic expertise – carried out to assess the market, the economic feasibility of the project, competitiveness criteria, marketing strategy, distribution of work according to the stated deadlines, volume, and content of work, and the requested amount of funding.
  • Legal due diligence – is carried out for the purpose of a comprehensive legal analysis of the content of the submitted documents for compliance with the current legislation.

Is there a project presentation?

Pitching of the project will be organized before the Council for Grant Financing, as a result of which a decision will be made to provide an innovative grant or to refuse to provide it to the applicant.


After the successful completion of the project pitching, an agreement for the provision of an innovation grant is signed between the applicant who has passed the project pitching and the “National Agency for innovation development “QazInnovations” JSC.

When and where are grant funds transferred?

To transfer funds for the implementation of the project, an escrow account is opened in a bank with the condition of depositing them without the right to perform transactions not related to the project.

Phone for information:  +7-775-623-14-22, +7-7172-79-25-81 (ext. 581), +7-7172-79-25-80 (ext. 580).

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