АО "Национальное агентство по развитию инноваций "QazInnovations"

The mechanism for searching and supporting innovators in Kazakhstan. Development of the consulting services market.

As part of the official visit of the representative of the World Bank Mariana Lutti, a meeting was held with employees of the “National Agency for Innovation Development “QazInnovations” JSC, during which issues of further development of innovations in Kazakhstan, the importance of the role of QazInnovations as a national institution, as well as opportunities for further partnership in through joint activities and mechanisms.

The Chairman of the Board of QazInnovations Akhanov Sanat Zholdykhanovich spoke about the ongoing work to form a single ecosystem of innovations, and mechanisms for searching and supporting innovators in Kazakhstan. In particular, a mechanism for supporting business incubators, and QazInnovations grant programs, including support for enterprises to implement ICT solutions, was presented.

The parties also discussed the current situation regarding the digitalization of SMEs and the development of the market for consulting services for the digitalization of SMEs in Kazakhstan.

As a result of the meeting, an agreement was reached to hold another meeting to work out cooperation mechanisms.