АО "Национальное агентство по развитию инноваций "QazInnovations"


At the initiative of Akhanov Sanat Zholdykhanovich, Chairman of the Board of JSC “NAID “QazInnovations”, a meeting was held with Pustovoychenko Vladimirovich, the owner of the company “E-Knot” LLP.
As a result of the meeting, many important questions were asked by QazInnovations, the ultimate goal of which was to get feedback from the grantee.
For reference: On December 2, 2021, the company “E-Knot” received a grant for 19 091 615 tenges (grant funding) from QazInnovations.
During a lively and mutually trusting dialogue, many issues related to the life cycle of the grant were raised. As a result, several cases were generated, which in general will help to improve conditions for innovative grants.
1 case – mistakes in the application process.
Vitaly Pustovojtenko pointed out that potential grantees do not always have enough skills and competence to submit a quality application. S.Zh. Akhanov came up with an initiative on the possibility of mentorship for willing applicants by the “E-Knot” team. Having experience in the whole process related to the grant, within the framework of the development of social responsibility of business, QazInnovations offered to take under the patronage of several companies that are just applying and can make a mistake. Vitaly Pustovoytenko gladly accepted the initiative and sincerely agreed to take an active part, committing, namely to take the patronage of 3-5 potential grantees.
Case 2 – With more advertising, more people and companies will learn that the government is actively developing a cluster of innovators in the country by giving out non-repayable grants.
Also in conversation, Sanat Zholdykhanovich mentioned the problem that today the level of promotion and PR for grants is very weak and is not enough. More people must know about such measures of support from the state. Vitaly Pustovojtenko also with pleasure decided to support, having promised that “E-Knot” on the developed service will light up the information on measures of support, presented by the state in the form of the innovative grant.
In the future, QazInnovations will repeat the practice of meetings with our grantees to discuss all cases, which will improve processes and develop innovation.