АО "Национальное агентство по развитию инноваций "QazInnovations"

Meeting with Microsoft Public Sector Leader

Sanat Zholdykhanovich Ahanov, Chairman of the Board of “National Agency for innovation development “QazInnovations” JSC held a meeting with Rinat Gumarov, Head of Public Sector Relations at Microsoft.

During the meeting, the parties presented potential ways of cooperation and implementation of pilot projects, such as the introduction of a remote workplace, the use of cloud solutions, and the training of Qazinnovations employees.

So, having tested these solutions in a pilot mode at Qazinnovations, it will be possible to replicate this successful case for other Kazakhstani companies and government agencies.

A Microsoft representative expressed readiness to further study these issues. As a result of the meeting, it was decided to hold a more detailed presentation of Microsoft products.