АО "Национальное агентство по развитию инноваций "QazInnovations"

Meeting with grantees in Almaty

The Chairman of the Board of “National Agency for innovation development “QazInnovations” JSC Akhanov Sanat Zholdykhanovich, while on a business trip in Almaty, held several meetings with grantees of QazInnovations.

Thus, Sanat Zholdykhanovich met with the winner of the second competition for the provision of innovative grants – Promanalitika LLP. The project “Development of a system for monitoring the state of rotating equipment by artificial intelligence IDM-online” is currently at the implementation stage.

The IDM-Online system is designed for continuous monitoring and determination of the technical condition of equipment units. The system allows you to determine the current technical condition of the mechanisms, determine the types and degrees of development of defects and predict the residual life of the nodes. Diagnosis occurs without stopping and disassembling the equipment. The IDM-Online system provides diagnostic information to personnel with the issuance of recommendations for timely maintenance and transition to maintenance based on the actual state.

Also, the Chairman of the Board held a meeting with the grantee of the first pilot competition for the provision of innovative grants – Center for Green Technologies LLP, whose team successfully implemented the project “Development of the InTech-Forecast IT program for renewable energy facilities (renewable energy sources)”. The project is currently at the post-monitoring stage.