АО "Национальное агентство по развитию инноваций "QazInnovations"

Interim results of the Competition for the selection of innovation grants for November 30, 2022.

Operator for the provision of innovative grants – “National Agency for Innovation Development “QazInnovations” JSC with the support of the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan announced the receipt of applications for competitions:
providing innovative grants for technology commercialization;
providing innovative grants for the technological development of existing enterprises;
For today reception of demands on both competitions is finished.

Technology Commercialization
A total of 261 applications were received for participation in the competition for innovation grants for the commercialization of technologies, including:
115 applications were rejected on formal grounds (the requested amount of the innovation grant was exceeded, the term of the project was exceeded, the project information was not fully completed, the presentation on the project, the business structure of the project, and the salary information of the project team were not completed according to the structure), 146 applications were registered.
At the pitching, out of 146 applications heard: and admitted: 73 applicants, were denied: and 73 applicants were.
Of these:
45 applications rejected (did not submit the application in time – 26, submitted inaccurate information – 2, missing MVP – 6, double funding – 3, did not confirm the authenticity of the certificate – 1, no certificate of acceleration and (or) incubation – 2, an incomplete package of documents – 2, did not eliminate comments – 1, do not meet the requirements of p.22 of the Rules – 2)
28 pitches of the full proposal (10 of them refused, 18 at the stage of signing the Agreement).

Technological development of the existing enterprises
For participation in the competition on granting of an innovation grant for technological development of the operating enterprises, 6 applications were received.
Of these:
– 4 applications were rejected
– 2 were not submitted