АО "Национальное агентство по развитию инноваций "QazInnovations"

Innovators with ideas and desire to contribute to our country’s life should always be heard and supported. A noble mission to find talented specialists, help them in development and promotion – the basis of the Qazinnovations National Agency activities. And the best instrument in this – providing grants .
The main vision of the company: to preserve intellectual property, rights and create relevant conditions for Kazakhstani innovators and inventors. This is a kind of struggle to keep the best minds at home. The head of Qazinnovations Sanat Akhanov spoke about this in a round table organized by Qazpatent “Innovations in Biopharmacology, Their Legal Protection and Commercialization”.

As a result, an agreement on mutual understanding and cooperation in the field of innovative and technological growth was signed between Qazinnovations and Qazpatent. The two leading organizations agreed on a long-term relationship with the aim of raising public awareness “in matters of legal protection of intellectual property”; conducting joint consultations, exchange of experience in terms of intellectual property and innovative technologies.
Thus, joint efforts will give a new leap on the development of the Kazakhstan’s innovative and technological potential.