АО "Национальное агентство по развитию инноваций "QazInnovations"

The traditional Week of Innovative Ideas, organized by the Ministry of Innovative Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan, takes place in Tashkent on October 18-21. This year’s InnoWeek theme will be Green Innovation for Sustainable Development.

The Week of Innovative Ideas is the largest international event in Central Asia dedicated to the development and implementation of the results of scientific and innovative activities.
During InnoWeek there will be an international exhibition, forums, and seminars. The developers will present research projects in the fields of alternative energy, biotechnology, the chemical industry, robotics, and materials science.

Representatives of more than 50 foreign countries and international organizations, more than 100 companies, and about 40 technology companies take part in the Week of Innovative Ideas.

The unique platform for establishing contacts between local and foreign research and innovation centers, investment funds, technology agencies, technology parks, and business incubators was visited by the Chairman of the Board of QazInnovations Sanat Akhanov, and also made a presentation at the panel session “Enabling mechanisms for technical cooperation to foster green innovation”.